Bridging the gap between modern & classical, Eastmans Beantree offers a unique café experience right from the comfort of your friendly neighbourhood SuperSpar. With a choice of coffee-to-go or a selection of delectably stylistic dishes, we ensure an excited palate.

Weekly Specials

Start your week right and get a Classic Breakfast with a regular Coffee or Cappuccino for an incredible price each and every Monday. This meal covers your basics with 2 Eggs, 2 Bacon and Tomato served with a slice of Toast.

Pensioners get a FREE Cake Slice with any Hot Beverage of their choice every Wednesday.

A choice of Battered or Grilled Fish Fillet with a side of Chips or Salad for an incredible price each and every Friday.

Sundays are for spending time with Family and loved ones. What better way than to grab a wholesome Lamb or Beef Roast with roasted Vegetables, Rice and Gravy for a real value price each and every Sunday.