Eastmans Weekly Specials:

MWGC Promotion

Mouthwatering Monday:

Every Monday we have a fine selection of whole grilled chickens for the best price in town, alternatively we have an everyday combo special.

Combo Special: 6 Rolls, whole-grilled chicken and a 2L SPAR Cola CSD for 89.99

MDT SPAR Milk Promotion

Milk Day Tuesday:

Each and every Tuesday is Milk Day at Eastmans SuperSpar where we have a special on our 2L SPAR Milk Jug at 19.99 each.

Eastmans Market Wednesday Web

Wednesday Market Day:

Don’t miss Eastmans MarketWednesdays, where we bring you the freshest produce at great prices each & every Wednesday.

Donut Day Promotion

Donut Day Thursday:

Treat yourself to some decadent donuts from
Eastmans this Donut Day each and every Thursday, prepacked and ready to go:
Créme Long Donuts – 5.99 each
Ring Donuts – 4.49 each
Assorted Mini Donuts (x4) – 5.99
Créme Donut (x4) – 21.99
Cocktail Donut (x8) – 11.99
Cocktail Donut (x16) – 21.99
Ring & Jam Donut (x4) – 17.99
Sunday Roast Promotion

Traditional Sunday Roast:

You’ve worked hard enough this week, why don’t you leave Sunday meals to us?

Our BeanTree Cafe offers a wholesome roast meal for a real value price of 79.00 per meal.

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Grocery Specials:

We run our grocery specials usually on a recurring 2 week cycle, starting on a Tuesday and ending on a Sunday (12 Days). View our latest specials on our Facebook Page Here.

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